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at Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Hey everyone. I’m Chris Quimbo. I’m an orthopedic operating room nurse by profession. I love my job; there’s something about hammering an implant into a femur that makes my day. However, I’m also passionate about travel. I enjoy living with the locals, talking to people who are so different from me and yet still be the same, experiencing new cultures, learning a local language, enjoying nature and seeing how beautiful the world is. And that’s also why I have this fervent desire to be a conscious consumer, minimize my waste and leave the earth around me as how it was made. About 1,000 animal species are lost per year and that’s because of human caused habitat destruction and climate change; not many people are aware of this or that everyday habits they do contribute to so much to this extinction. Social media is a powerful platform and it’s great that I can use it to spread the message to my friends, family and strangers that come across my Instagram or Youtube channel. I try to lead by example, slowly influencing people around me and hopefully, in the future, reach thousands of people. Thanks for being here and for being a part of my journey!