5 Reasons to Use Airbnb vs a Hotel

Airbnb is a great website/ app that help travellers find a suitable place to live while on holiday. There are great accommodations to choose from; whether you want to rent an entire house (with a pool!) or just rent a room and live with the locals. I mostly use Airbnb now for all my travels and these are the positive experiences I’ve had through the years:

Save money


view of Central Park

The very reason why I started using Airbnb for my travels was because I wanted to save money. I remember my very first Airbnb accommodation in New York City. I travelled with my bestfriend at that time and as female travellers, we wanted to stay somewhere cheap and safe. Looking at hotels and our options seem very limited until my friend suggested Airbnb. We found a great place; it was within our budget and located in the more affluent area of Manhattan. AND we were very proud to tell our families that we were going to live in the Upper West Side of New York City. No one had to know that we had to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to our apartment. LOL The best thing about Airbnb is that you can search according to your budget; whether you want to rent an entire house/ castle, or a room, space for a tent, or even just rent someone’s couch.

Great locations to choose from

Aside from my Upper West Side apartment in New York, I have other great Airbnb accommodations to share. One was the house we lived in in Rarotonga (Cook Islands). It was away from the famous Muri area where most of the resorts were built. It had this balcony where you have the view of the Pacific Ocean and the reef surrounding the island (just like in the movie Moana where the entire island was surrounded by a reef). A short walk from our house was the best snorkling spot, Fruits of Rarotonga. We would spend most of our days swimming, having naps on the beach, and enjoying our little piece of paradise. It was quiet and calm because all the resorts were at another town.

Have a Local Experience


our hosts getting a lovely sunset wedding

One upside is that you can ask a local’s input about where to eat and things to do. You get to see how locals live and how they navigate through their daily lives. That beats any information you can find on the internet. But the greatest thing about it is that you can go home to a family. I have very fond memories of living in Rarotonga for a week. I was on holiday with my partner and it’s one of our happiest holidays and it’s because of the family we lived with. The host was getting married during our stay and her children and her partner’s children were all at the house we were staying at. They invited us for dinners, invited us to hang out, and to sing songs with them on the guitar. They even invited us to their wedding and it was one of the most beautiful and heart warming weddings I’ve ever been to. We never would have gotten such an authentic experience had we stayed at a resort.

Meet new people

When renting out a room at a multiple bedroom house, chances are other travellers will be around when you’re there. If you enjoy meeting new people like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience you get from meeting travellers through Airbnb. There are billions of people in the world and you only get to meet so many of them. The best way to meet wonderful people is to travel, seek them out, talk to them and you’ll learn so much about people you’ve never met and places you’ve never been to.

Cook your own meals

When renting on Airbnb, almost all places will have an access to a kitchen. Cooking might be the last thing on your mind when you’re on holiday but for long term travellers, cooking your own meals will save you heaps of money. There are also popular destinations wherein the restaurant prices mostly will be in tourist price. Eating out all the time will quickly drain your money and having an accommodation where you can cook will be a blessing. Some places will even provide free breakfast.

Hope my positive experiences convince you to use Airbnb. You can try it to see for yourself and you’ll never regret it. Click the link below and discover amazing accommodations. Happy travels!



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